Satya Nadella Keynote Build 2016

#BUILD2016 Satya Nadella "Cloud is not a single destination. It's a new form of computing". #Keynote  Mobile First, Cloud First World, Azure Office 365.

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How to Manage Permissions/Revoke Access to Apps & services using Microsoft Account

Once you connect your Microsoft Account account by signing in with  Microsoft Account Sign-In to a third-party website, mobile app, game, or other online service, you can manage the following settings or disconnect from the app.

  1. Navigate to your Microsoft account page
  2. Click on Security & privacy at the top navigation.
  3. Click Manage permissions under the Apps & services section 
  4. Click Edit for the app you want to manage.
  5. You can disconnect an app you've connected to Microsoft Account at any time.

Publish as major version SharePoint file with workflow 2013 REST API

SharePoint 2013 workflows has out of the box workflow actions Check In and Check Out

But does not have any actions for check in as Major version (publish)
To solve this, we can  use the "call http web service" action with SharePoint REST API.

Follow these steps to check in a File as major version (publish):

1. Create a Workflow 2013 in SharePoint Designer

2. Rename the Stage to "Published"
3. Add a Build Dictionary action and name the output variable "JSonRequestHeader". Add a string variable named content-type with the value application/json;odata=verbose and add a new string variable named Accept with the value application/json;odata=verbose and click OK

4. Add a new Build Dictionary action and name the output variable "JSonRequestParameters"
    Add a string variable named comment with the value Published by workflow

5. Check Out the file

6. Add Call http web service action with these properties:

[%Workflow Context:Current Site URL%]/_api/web/getfilebyserverrelativeurl('[%Current Item:Server Relative URL%]')/CheckIn(comment='Published by workflow',checkintype=1)

RequestType: Post

RequestHeaders: Variable: JSonRequestHeader

RequestContent: Variable: JSonRequestParameters

ResponseContent: Variable: JSonResult (Create new)

ResponseHeaders: Variable: JSonResponseHeaders (Create new)

ResponseStatusCode: Variable: responseCode

7. Then publish your workflow

The final result: