Microsoft SharePoint Connections 2010 - whats new for developers in the OM

This week I was attending the SharePoint 2010 Connections Conference in Amsterdam. It is always exciting to hear what new and what can we do with it. You probably know that SharePoint 2010 comes with lots of new features and tools for develops, like: Sandboxed Solutions, SharePoint Ribbon, SharePoint Dialogs, Silverlight Web Part, List Lookups and Relationships, Business Connectivity Services, LINQ, Client Object Model, REST, Developer Dashboard, Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint tools extensibility, Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Project Types and Items SharePoint Designer 2010 and more and more and more… this stuff is great, but what is for me as a developer? Does it make me more productive? And most important, what can I build that will make my application better. Read more...
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