Social Following App Part for SharePoint

Download and install the App from the Office & SharePoint App Store.

With Social Following App Part you can easily display all of the sites, people, documents and tags that you follow.You can use this App Part like any other Web Part and simply add it to every SharePoint site.

Add Social Following App Part

Once the Social Following App Part has been installed, it can be added to a SharePoint Page within any SharePoint Site.

1. Click the Edit Page button on the Page ribbon.
2. Click the Add Web Part link.
3. Select Apps from the Categories list and then select the Social Following App Part. 
4. Click the Add button.


The Social Following App Part can be used as is or customized using the Tile view option.

1. Select Edit Web Part option from the Social Following drop down menu. (In Edit Page mode.)
2. The Appearance, Layout and Advanced settings are standard. Adjust the
settings or leave the defaults.

Download and install the App from the Office & SharePoint App Store.

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